West Bengal Comprehensive Area Development Corporation(WBCADC)

          The West Bengal Comprehensive Area Development Corporation was established in 1974 as an autonomous organization aimed at area based rural development through increased agricultural and allied production ensuring maximum benefit to the cultivators

          WBCADC is primarily engaged in the development of the primary sectors of the economy i.e Agriculture, Fishery, Animal Resource Development and operates through its project offices. There are 21 Projects located across the districts of West Bengal, and one Krishi Vigyan Kendra at Sonamukhi, Bankura under the Corporation to cater and cover all agro-climatic zones of the State. The Headquarters of the Corporation provide technical guidance and administrative approval as well as monitoring of different schemes like, RKVY, MGNREGS, WBSRLM (Anandadhara) and Backward Village Development programme etc.


            Every activity involves only 100% organic material be it agricultural products or feed and fodder used in animal husbandry.



  Dissemination of the knowledge and expertise acquired through operation of various projects by the said organization to wider areas of the state as and when required

  To strengthen the process of upliftment of the rural population within the State by the process of undertaking action – oriented research, experimentation with production-related innovative ideas and concepts, concerning agriculture and allied activities.

  Introduction of new crops and cropping patterns as also improved technology and agronomic practices, promotion of agro-based and other supportive cottage and rural industries.

  Implementation of projects for demonstrative and educative purposes and arrangement for appropriate training programmes for the cultivators, rural artisans, entrepreneurs and various functionaries in the field of agriculture and allied activities.

  To render effective support, against appropriate consideration, to the Panchayet institutions, civil society organizations, bank and other financial institutions as also public and private sector organizations working for profit or otherwise in their endeavors in diverse areas relating to comprehensive economic and social development on ensuring equal opportunity for all.

  1. Kalimpong-I Project 2. Siliguri Naxalbari Project, 3. Falakata Project 4. BalarampurProject, 5. Goalpokhar Project, 6. Kaliaganj Project 7. RATUA-II Project 8. Berhampur Project 9. Nalhati Project 10. Ranaghat Project 11. Haringhata Project 12. Kalna Project 13. Sonamukhi Project 14. KVK-Sonamukhi 15. Boinchee Project 16. Gaighata Project 17. Deganga Project 18. Bagnan Project 19. Tamluk Project 20. Debra Project 21. Saharjore Project 22. Ajodhya Hills.




  Seed Multiplication Programme (SMP) for crops like paddy, pulses, oil seeds etc.

  Hardening of Tissue Culture Banana Plant, G-9 variety and supply to the farmer and Self Help Groups (SHGs)

  Raising of hybrid vegetable seedlings and supply to farmers

  Papaya seedling raising and supply to the farmers

  Management of orchard

  Production of vermicompost

  Cultivation of organic vegetable

  Rooftop cultivation

  Mushroom spawn production

  Mushroom cultivation

  Trial of strawberry and dragon cultivation



  Seed Multiplication Programme (SMP) for crops like paddy, pulses, oil seeds etc

  Production of fertilized eggs from which farmer can get double the cost.

  Duckery, goatery

  Quail farming


  Raising of social forestry plant

  Raising of fruit plant (lemon/ guava) nursery

  Raising of coconut seedlings

  Raising of tissue culture banana plant

  Raising of vetiver nursery

  Raising of Bio-fencing plant nursery

  Raising of papaya seedlings

  Raising of custard apple seedlings

  Construction of fish seed Bank by involving individual beneficiaries


          As per West Bengal Financial Rules 47B Volume-I W.B.C.A.D.C. is a direct supplying agency for providing woolen liveries to the offices of the State Government. To meet the demand from different Government Departments like Kolkata Police, West Bengal Police, Home guard, Forest, Hospital, etc. two production units of the knitted woolen liveries are being run by the Corporation in Ranaghat-II & Kalimpong Project.

          A jute / hessian bag production unit is also running in Boinchi Project for meeting the demand of different Projects for packing of foundation and certified seeds produced by the Projects



  Quality accredited carp seed in the form of fingerling and yearlings production and supply.

  Seed production of endangered species‘SarPunti’, (Puntius sarana)

  Production of Vietnam Koi and Deshi Koi seed.

  Production of Deshi Magur seed

  Production of fresh water prawn (Galda) post larvae.

  Production of AmurCarp seed.

  Introduction of new Monipuri, ‘Pengba’ fish (Osteobramabelangeri)

  Introduction of ‘Low cost RAS’.

  Ornamental fish culture and seed production.


  Establishment of mushroom production unit for SHGs.

  Establishment of poultry farm for SHGs.

  Establishment of goat breeding farm for SHGs

  Establishment of pig breeding unit by SHGs.

  Integrated farming system for SHGs.

  Skill Development training.


  Residential training on fish culture and hatchery management

  Residential training on poultry and goat farming

  Training on mushroom cultivation, vermicompost and organic vegetable cultivation

  Training on nursery management fruit plant, coconut and TC banana

  Integrated farming system for SHGs.

  Skill Development training.

                                                                  WEST BENGAL COMPREHENSIVE AREA DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION

                                                                                          (UNDER PANCHAYATS & RURAL DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT, GOVERNMENT OF WEST BENGAL)

                                                                                                                   6-A, RAJA SUBODH MULLICK SQUARE, 9TH FLOOR, KOLKATA - 700013

                                                                                                         E-mail : hq.wbcadc@gmail.com | 033 2236 1235, 22377041-43, 22361235, 2234945