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Notification NoDateKeywordCategorySubCategorySubject
'2982-RD/O/C/1A-01/2022' 20/05/2022WbprdGeneralP&RD dept/ DirectorateCorrigendum of posting of Jt BDO
'2873-RD/O/13E-47/2002(PT-I)' 17/05/2022WbprdGeneralP&RD dept/ DirectorateTransfer Order of one Assistant Engineer (Civil)
'2875-RD/O/13E-47/2003(PT-I)' 17/05/2022WbprdGeneralP&RD dept/ DirectorateAppointment Order of two Junior Engineer (erstwhile Sub-Assistant Engineer) under RWP set up of P&RD Department.
'2817-RD/O/13E-16/2019' 13/05/2022WbprdGeneralP&RD dept/ DirectorateTransfer order of Two Junior Engineers
'01/2022-23(2nd Call)' 11/05/2022WBCADCTendersWBCADCNotice Inviting Pre-Qualification-Cum-Tender (Two Cover System) for Construction of Tali Piling work of East Portion Pond(A) & West Portion Pond(B) at Garchumuk Farm under WBCADC, Bagnan Project
'2747-PRD-23098/71/2022-ESTT-SEC-Dept of PRD' 10/05/2022WbprdGeneralP&RD dept/ DirectorateStand Release of Samity Accounts and Audit Officer on 13.05.2022 in the afternoon
'2742- RDIO/C/1A-01/2022' 10/05/2022WbprdGeneralP&RD dept/ DirectorateAppointment of Joint BDOs
'NIT-01 of 2021-22(2nd call)' 06/05/2022BRAIPRDTendersOthersNotice inviting tender for supply & installation of different types of new fire extinguishers with refilling at both campuses of BRAIPRD, Kalyani during the year 2022-2023
'2693-RD/O/13E-46/2020' 05/05/2022WbprdGeneralP&RD dept/ DirectorateRelease Order of Shri Mandip Sen, Executive Engineer
'851/STARPARD/II-2(Trg)/23' 27/04/2022STARPARDGeneralP&RD dept/ DirectorateApplications are invited in prescribed format from Resource Persons for hands-on training of different categories for FARMERS’ PRODUCERS COMPANY (FPC) under STARPARD.
'2534-RD/O/C/1A-01/2020' 26/04/2022WBPRDGeneralP&RD dept/ DirectorateAppointment of Jt. BDOs
'2528-RD/O/O13E-47/2002(PT-1)' 26/04/2022WbprdGeneralP&RD dept/ DirectorateTransfer Order of Thirty Assistant Engineers (Civil)
'848 (SEC)-RD/NREGA/18M-04/08' 22/04/2022WbprdDepartmentMGNREGSShortlisting candidates- Ombudsperson Personal Interview held on 22.04.2022
'2471/RD/O/C/13E-07/2018' 22/04/2022WbprdGeneralP&RD dept/ DirectorateStand Release of nine (09) Executive Engineers of this department on the 22.04.2022 in the afternoon notification No 2184-RD/O/13E-24/2010, dated 08.04.2022
'2459-PN/N/II/IG-6/2018' 22/04/2022WbprdGeneralP&RD dept/ DirectorateGrant of Ad-hoc Bonus to the employees of three tier PR Bodies
'2460-PN/N/II/2L-1/2018' 22/04/2022WbprdGeneralP&RD dept/ DirectorateGrant of Interest free Festival Advance to the PRI Bodies employee for the year 2021-22
'2461-PN/O/II/2B-08/2018' 22/04/2022WbprdGeneralP&RD dept/ DirectorateGrant of ex-gratia payment to the pensioners of PR Bodies for the year 2021-22
'2451/RD/O/C/ST-01/2019' 22/04/2022WBPRDGeneralP&RD dept/ DirectorateCorrigendum order of Transfer
'2451/RD/O/C/5T-01/2019' 22/04/2022WbprdGeneralP&RD dept/ DirectorateTransfer Order of Joint BDOs
'2329/RD/O/C/5T-01/2019' 21/04/2022WBPRDGeneralP&RD dept/ DirectorateTransfer Order of Jt. BDOs